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Bembridge Down

REF NR: 3268

Bembridge Down is a 56.3 hectare Site of special scientific interest which is north-east of Sandown. The site was notified in 1951 for both its biological and geological features.

The Yarborough Monument is a 75 foot tall obelisk erected on top of Bembridge Down in 1849.The Monument is erected in memory of Lord Yarborough, a naval man who was very prominent around the area and made regular trips to the Isle of Wight staying Appludurcombe House. When he passed, the Royal Yacht Squadron Committee put £200 towards the cost of manufacturing the moment to his memory.  In 1867, Lord Palmerston, during the time of fortifying the island against the threat of the French, moved the monument a few hundred yards east to where It is now, so that the Lord could continue to build Bembridge Fort.

Image above is north facing from Bembridge Downs, overlooking Bembridge.


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