"Moment in Tme"

An innovative way of displaying and reviewing a a set of photographs capturing a specific moment in time. As many digital camera users appreciate one photo is never enough so we are encouraging our users to send in the best ones from their portfolio to be displayed on our Eyeshack wall.  Please only send smaller images of your originals and please make sure you send as much information about the shoot and whether you wish to retain copyright or they are available for public domain usage. If possible a minimum of 7 images per set is advisable in order to exploit the full benefit of the slideshow.  

Sell your Images!

We encourage all photographers to leave contact information in your posts for people to ask about prints or enquire more about your art.  We are not a middle man, just a gallery showcasing the best the Island has to offer!

Imagery and Copyright

Although Island Eye tries hard to ensure that all images supplied are free from copyright or that copyright is given to the accredited owner where permission has been granted, we need to point out that if any breach of copyright is seen please advise us immediately and we will remove the image or images in question.