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The Bartitsu Club

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The Bartitsu Club;IOW holds weekly classes for club members and can provide public demonstrations at events, or visit your site to deliver a class to your guests or visitors.

For classes, although previous experience is not necessary, a certain level of fitness is helpful due to the physical nature of martial arts.

Bartitsu was created as a practical system of self defence in 1899 by Englishman, E.W Barton-Wright (1860-1951).Mentioned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as the martial art of Sherlock Holmes, bartitsu consists of four disciplines.

These are defence with a walking cane, savate (French kick-boxing), British Victorian boxing and ju-jitsu. The Bartitsu Club  I.O.W is committed to recreating bartitsu in it's original Victorian flavour. Experience Victorian 'antagonistics' and 'physical culture' with original bartitsu skills including warm up and fitness exercises from the 1890's and early 1900's. Outside of normal classes, The Bartitsu Club; IOW is able to come to your event or venue to perform public displays or hold a class for your guests/ visitors. Public displays can be short e.g. half an hour or longer giving members of the public the chance to have a go.

Each display involves a demonstration of bartitsu, verbal explanations of the tactics and history, a closer look at some of the moves and an opportunity for the public to ask questions. We can also attend all day events. In such cases we can have the aforementioned activities either as an on-going experience, or at regular intervals. We are willing to adapt to your needs and will be happy to discuss your requirements. Weekly Classes: Those wishing to join the club must be 18 years or over and should wear comfortable, sporting clothes including trainers with a good grip.


Every Monday, 7:30-9, Newport Parish Centre, Town Lane, Newport.

  • The first lesson is £5. Lessons thereafter £8.
  • Block of four lessons £28.

Some equipment is available, but new members are encouraged to buy their own MMA gloves and a walking stick for training.

Public Events and Classes Outside Normal Club Times:

  • Short public display of half an hour £50.
  • All day events £500.

Classes outside of normal club times £60 an hour.

Contact Details

Newport Parish Centre, Town Lane,
Isle of Wight
PO30 1JU

Phone: 07720345542