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Forresters Bistro & Wine Bar

REF NR: 2590
This beautiful building was originally built as the meeting hall for The Ancient Order of Forresters back in 1874, a friendly community driven society which is still active today. In the 1960’s the building was a boat builders and since the 70’s has been an eatery of kinds. I have been here since May 2010 and I’m certain that you will enjoy your time spent here with our fantastic menu and wonderful ambiance.

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Fabulous host!
From the moment we walked in off the street Amanda, the owner, treated us as though regulars. Her personality is warm and welcoming. The front of house service is backed up by John's quality food. The atmosphere of the building aided by the decor makes a fantastic enviroment to relax in drinking excellent wine and high quality food. Thank you very much for that beautiful evening!

Cons: Absolutely NOTHING!
Pros: Excellent food
George Barron, May 28, '12