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Tourism Ghosts and Spooky Things


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By day the beaches of Compton, Blackgang, Brook and Atherfield are the haunt of sun worshippers, but as the sun goes down, those same beaches take on a darker and more sinister aspect. Smugglers, wreckers, cut-throats and pirates once made that  treacherous coastline their own, and today, on those lonely beaches  local anglers don't fish alone after dark, just in case!.

For it is said that a running figure dressed all in black, an unseen presence, whose footsteps are heard crunching over the shingle, and the ghost of a drowned seaman, wearing a long black jacket, sailor's cap and boots, who walks out of the sea, are some of the reasons why anglers prefer to have company when fishing at the 'Back of the Wight' at night. 

Why not pick up a copy of Gay Bladwins "Most Haunted Island" , she has a way with words that will have you reconsdiering that monlight stroll all on your own!



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