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    Casati House is a superb historic dwelling in the centre of Ryde, offering..
Tourism Ghosts and Spooky Things

Ashey Down

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1. The weather was cold and visibility was good and as they neared the top of Ashey Down Mrs White spotted lights which suddenly appeared in the middle of a lonely part of the downs, realising that the nearest building, a farmhouse was some miles away her husband told her that it was probably a farmer looking for his sheep.

But all around them were the lights and halfway down a long hill they came upon more lights in the fields to their right. They were so intrigued that they stopped the car and sat looking at thousands of the lights. There was a lane they remembered that led off to the right and this now looked like a proper road that seemed to have street lights and seemed to lead to a built up area that was lit up with lights of every colour imaginable. The sky was darkening as clouds drifted across the moon.......

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