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Horringford Gardens

REF NR: 3338

This is where Peter Nutt, Erica and Robin Oulton live, grow fresh vegetables, make jams, chutneys and jellies on the Isle of Wight. We can deliver fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat to your door on the Island 52 weeks a year. Preserves are delivered anywhere in the country.

We are a family business working with 12 IW growers and our own support team to see Islanders enjoy fresh vegetables at home every week.

Horringford Gardens is a rural vegetable growing and distribution business situated in the fertile Arreton valley on the Isle of Wight.  Today’s more discerning shoppers have increased the demand for locally sourced, high quality, fresh produce and our family business welcomes this change in attitude and strives to fulfil this new aspiration.

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