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Carisbrooke Castle

REF NR: 412

At the heart of the Island's history

One of the main tourist attractions in the Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke Castle is best known as the place where King Charles I was imprisoned. You can still play bowls on the very green Charles used. For a castle that has lived through more than 800 years of service, including resisting a siege by the French and seeing off the Spanish Armada, it's also so wonderfully well preserved.

There are all the ingredients here for a great value family day out at the Castle on the Isle of Wight. Children will love dressing up as Norman soldiers or Civil War troopers, and meeting the castle's famous donkeys, while for the grown-ups, the new Edwardian style Princess Beatrice Garden is a joy to explore.

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Carisbrooke Castle at the Centre of the Island History


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Castle Hill
Isle of Wight
P030 1XY

Phone: 01983 522107