Speed John, Mr
Born: 1552
Died: 1629


John speed, in life a tailor until he was 50, he was then granted a bursary from Sir Fulke Greville which allows Speed to devote his time to research and the creation of “Historie of Great Britaine “ in 1611. Queen Elizabeth 1st further assisted Speed with her Royal Patronage and allowing his use of Custom House as his head quarters. Speed was an avid map maker and working on previous works updated and published many town and area maps. Furthermore his “Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine” published in 1610/11 was held up as the best of its time with many individual county maps.
First Published in 1611/12 The Hampshire: Isle of Wight map is an extract from John Speed’s “Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine”

Source:  Cambridge University Library classmark: Atlas 2.61.1