Saxton Christopher, Mr

Little is known about his early life, other than that he became a servant to John Rudd, vicar of Dewsbury, prebendary of Durham Cathedral, and a map maker.

Around this time there became a far greater need for clarity with regard to ownership of land and boundaries. This led Saxton to become more and more interested in developing the skills necessary to lay down and accurately record. Furthermore owners now wanted title deeds to be proven and written up so that overall title could be recorded for posterity

Elizabeth I granted Grigson Manor in Suffolk to Saxton in March 1574 for services rendered to the crown and country.

His importance was further underwritten when in March 1576 the Privy Council gave him a royal authority or pass to conduct surveys on behalf of the Crown.

His exact date of death went unrecorded but is thought to be before 1626.