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Ventnor Station Old Station Road (Steam)

REF NR: 310

1. Demolished - the site is now a light industrial estate and little survives apart from the tunnel portal within a Southern Water compound and some excavated chambers in the quarry face that by local merchants when the station was in use. Some of them are still used by the owners of the industrial units.

When Ventnor Station was first opened 1866 on the site of an existing operating quarry only temporary accommodation was provided. A permanent station was eventually built including a large goods yard with three sidings and coal ground for local merchants who were accommodated in quarried chambers in the cliff face. Although there were only two passengers roads the station was provided with three platform faces on two island platforms. The fourth platform face was for goods with a large goods shed provided at the end of the platform.

1. Sources:   Images Nick Catford

2. Colour Film Footage can be seen using the "VIEWS" tab available from the information bubble.

2. Sources:  Image Films  John Huntley

3. Final Image  - Whilst NºW20 takes water on the run round, for the last time at Ventnor, a small crowd has gathered to witness the proceedings whilst a small boy stands in wonder.    Image : Ray Soper

3. Sources:


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