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St. Helen's Station (Steam)

REF NR: 322

The station has now been tastefully converted into a private residence. The canopy has been retained and incorporated into a sun lounge along the whole length of the platform. St. Helen's was the only intermediate station on the Bembridge branch. It has a single 232ft platform located on the down side of the line.


A signal box at the station controlled a short branch down to St. Helen's Quay at Brading Harbour. The quay served the main commercial docks on the island until Medina Wharf was rebuilt in 1928, the sidings themselves are some of the most complex seen on the island along the various wharfs being addressed. The main reason for such a complex set of sidings was the need to constantly replenish the coal stocks that kept the island warm and the trains running.



The overlay now illustrates the old Isle of Wight Railway sidings for both the north and south quays. The south quay was used to discharge coal for use on the railways, delivered by Southern Railway Vessels. Additionally the siding for Carpenters Brickworks is shown, which was part of the St. Helen's section.


The PS Carrier established a boat train service between here and Langstone Harbour between 1883 and 1888 before it was withdrawn, as it proved uneconomic.


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