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Shown on the 1909 map
The platform is still extant. The station site is now a public area..
Demolished - the station building has been demolished and the..
Demolished - the only evidence of the station is a short section of..
Demolished - the Newport Bypass now follows the course of the..
The bridge was situated over the River Medina at Newport Quay.
Demolished - a funeral parlour now stands on the site of the..
The platforms and buildings all survive with the main stations..
Th PS Carrier - Boat Train, built by Scott and Co of Greennock..
A tunnel was first mooted in 1885 but it was only in 1900 that the..
Ryde Esplandae Station
Ryde Pier Gate was first opened in 29 June 1813 as an entrance to..
Ryde Pier Head railway station serves the town of Ryde on the Isle..
The first of the great pleasure piers to be built, Ryde was a long..
The tram service terminated at St Johns Road Station.
One of the 3 train stations located in ryde, Isle of Wight is Ryde..
After the railways of the Isle of Wight had merged into one with the..
The original strand horse drawn tram turned right into the strand..