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Ashey Station ( Steam )

REF NR: 289

The down platform has been restored and reopened in 1991 as part of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. The main station buildings on the up original platform and has been converted into a private residence but much of the platform has been demolished. Only the 1926 extension is still there.

When the Ryde & Newport Railway opened the only passing loop was at Ashey. From the down loop a siding ran south to a chalk quarry under Ashey Down, this also served an adjacent racecourse which had its own station until about 1930. In 1926 the platform was extended by the Southern Railway to accommodate longer trains; the 'join' can be clearly seen in the photograph below.

The main station buildings were located on the passing loop which was taken out of service in 1926 and following the closure of the racecourse in the 1930's, passenger numbers quickly declined and in 1953 the station was reduced to unmanned halt status.The up platform has now been restored and the station reopened as part of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

1. Sources: Images Nick Catford

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