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    Cook's Castle was "created" around 1774 sat on the top of St. Martin's down,..
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REF NR: 247

27th January 1881 saw the Claremont SS (668 tons)  sailing in thick fog with a crew of 19 from Vallerigan with a cargo of copper and iron ore bound for Middlesbrough suddenly fell foul sailing too close to the rocks and ledge at Whale Chine on the South West coast of the Island.

In the following ensuing mayhem the crew managed to launch a boat and the Brighstone Lifeboat the “Worcester Cadet” coxed by Moses Munt came to the rescue picking up the Mate and five of the crew.  The Captain stayed aboard and he and the rest of crew were eventually taken to safety.  An attempt to re-float her took place the following day by the tug Victoria from Cowes, but had to be abandoned and the Claremont eventually broke up and was a total loss.