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On her way to Portsmouth on the 2nd April 1862 the barque Cedarine was on her maiden voyage from Bermuda as she rounded the Wight she went aground 100yds east of Brighstone Grange. 

She had on-board a total of around 190 convicts although some say it was as high as 350, being returned home after serving their time abroad. The lifeboat managed to land 134 men and others were assisted ashore by the coastguard service. Having now got to shore the convicts decided they could do with a stiff drink or two and it took the local militia from the Barracks at Parkhurst several days to find and retrain them all. 

The Cedarine in the meantime was breaking up and ended up as a total loss, however many of her cedar timber planks were salvaged and used in the repair of Mottistone church as well as other much needed local works.