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Bembridge Chain Home Reserve RADAR Station

REF NR: 1856

While Ventnor Chain Home was out of action, a reserve station was set up on Culver Cliff. The only evidence left is the fixing points for the cables to hold the mast.


Established in June 1941 at Bembridge, this RAF Chain Home Radar installation provided an early warning for the approach of low flying enemy aircraft. This type of station was known as Chain Home Low (CHL) and was made up normally of two large gantries with the transmitter and receiver arrays hung off and strung between. Local to the gantries would be the transmitter and receiver huts with a separate standby hut or dugout for an emergency power supply. This method was deployed to track the aircraft and was adapted from an army technology developed for surface sea traffic plotting in 1940.


Along with the radar equipment there was an assortment of support buildings being operating as a bomb shelter's light anti-aircraft gun emplacement.