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Victoria Pier (Ryde) (Historic)

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In Ryde, an unconnected pier, separate from the main Ryde Pier and 500 yards east of it, was begun in 1863. This was financed by the Stokes Bay Pier and Railway Company and was intended to link with the new Gosport ferry service from Stokes Bay. Although it was originally intended to make Victoria Pier the same length as the other piers, a shortage of funds meant that it ended up at only 970 feet long. It opened in November 1864, yet could only be used by ferries at certain tides, despite an asphalt surface, which it was hoped would avoid the problems that the promenade pier suffered.

Victoria Pier Ryde

Victoria Pier Ryde

In 1865, the pier was sold to the Ryde Pier Company, and when in 1875 the Stokes Bay Pier and Railway Company was bought by the London and South Western Railway, the ferry service to the pier ended. Victoria Pier was then used as a bathing station, eliminating the need for bathing machines. Public baths were built at the pier head, and a free bathing stage at the shore end. Hot and cold ozone baths were also advertised, and from 1876 to 1900 they proved very popular.

Sadly, after the end of the century, the bathing facilities fell into disuse, and an Act of Parliament of 1916 allowed its demolition. Nothing remains of it.