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    Yarmouth Castle was actually completed after the Death of is visionary creator..
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Fort Victoria Pier

REF NR: 564

The pier was built in the 1856 next to the fort by the Royal Engineers to service various military installations in West Wight and was used as such until 1962.

This was on the site of a former coastguard landing pontoon used when the site was a coastguard station, and was the third pier built on the Isle of Wight, after Ryde Pier and Cowes Fountain Pier.


Aerial view of the pier

Aerial view of the pier with the fort to its left

The water off Sconce Point is surprisingly deep (eighteen feet at the pier head, even in the lowest tide), and thus well suited for a landing stage close to shore, the actual pier was quite short and stubby but used as the main supply route to Fort Victoria.