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The first IOW Hurricane crash of the war was brought down after..
This Hurricane from 238 Squadron Middle Wallop , came crashing down..
The same dog fights over the Solent that brought down P3830 also..
The aircraft piloted by Flt Sgt. J. Webber also crashed after being..
November the 6th 1941 Hurricanes from 145 Squadron were battling..
28th September 1940 saw a big dog fight over the South East Wight..
While on patrol from No 1 Squadron at Tangmere two Hurricanes flying..
The first American aircraft to crash on the Island had the..
At the end of December 1943 another Lockheed Lightning from 20th..
22nd January 1942 saw a rather unusual crash landing by a Lockheed..
Confusion reigned on the Island by onlookers of this flying..
Appalling weather conditions on the 6th February 1945 caught out two..
This aircraft from 63 Squadron based at Middle Wallop attempted an..
An interesting yet non confirmed emergency landing due to engine..
22nd April 1942, saw the arrival of a an unexpected wheels up..
Flying from 609 Squadron this was unfortunately the second Spitfire..
24th August 1940 Flying from Squadron 234 based at Middle Wallop was..
Air attacks across the Island led to several dogfights and kills on..