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Sir Max Aitken Museum

REF NR: 601

The Prospect was the Cowes home of Sir Max Aitken Bt DSO, DFC, a man well known in Cowes but with many other claims to fame. Born in Canada in 1910, Sir Max has been acknowledged by his achievements as the newspaper magnate, a fighter pilot in WWII, a Conservative MP, a racing yachtsman, a powerboat pioneer and the London Boat Show founder.



Highlights of the Museum

  • A fine collection of marine paintings by Bakhuyzen, Luny, Monamy, Whitcombe and others.
  • Some original Giles cartoons.
  • Many items from sailing vessels from Nelson to modern times, including instruments, armaments, furniture, glassware, figureheads and photos.
  • Artefacts from several Royal Yachts, including the J Class Yacht Britannia's gaff (spanning the entire length of the museum) and the gaff saddle.
  • Numerous models and half models, including many of Sir Max Aitken's own yachts.
  • A cradle made for the infant King of Rome, son of Napoleon Bonaparte, and one designed by Uffa Fox for Sir Max Aikten's daughter.