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History Minor Fortifications and Pillboxes

Fort Warden Pillbox_4

REF NR: 96

The Island was in full defensive swing in the lead up to and during the 2nd World War as it was seen as being in the forefront of the battle area. It was very likely if a German invasion was imminent for it to be one of the first places they would try and take in order for them to have a secure beach head and thus allowing them to launch their blitzkrieg method of advance easily into the mainland.

With this in mind the War Office devised several defence mechanisms and prepared points of special interest that in the event of an evasion could be used to slow down any advancing forces. One of these methods was the deployment of several pillboxes, carefully positioned throughout the Island.

These pillboxes were developed between 1910 / 11 to augment the experimental searchlight battery at Fort Warden. There are also additional external buildings with signs of rifle apertures within them, it is thought that these may have been built actually in 1941 when the fort was used as an Italian Prisoner of War Camp.

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