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Lower Shide Barley Mill

REF NR: 1034

Lower Shide Barley Mill

Lower Mill. Shide railway station on the Isle of Wight Central Railway stands just to the west of the square brick building became a workshop and depot of the Isle of Wight River and Water Authority.


Lower Shide Mill



This brick building was formerly Lower Mill, but it does not retain much of its original form. The mill is “L” shaped with an undershot wheel in the eastern half of the L. A supplementary gas-engine was used to give further power up to about 1930. This stood behind the water wheel, outside the building in a corrugated iron shed. There is now no gearing remaining other than the water wheel.

The three storeyed brick building has had several of its window openings blocked, and its roof has been replaced with corrugated asbestos. A mill house which stood to the east theshide mill was demolished because of its decayed state in 1959. There was a spur track from the station into the mill yard, and into the great chalk pit beyond the mill.


Map lower shide mill

Map of Lower Shide Mill



Source Moderator: Roy Richardson - The Mills of the Isle of Wight. J. Kenneth Major. Charles Skilton Ltd. 1970

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