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History Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight

Westbrook Manor

REF NR: 508

"WESTBROOK appears by name in the 13th century, and was held at the time of the Testa de Nevill by the lord of Whitefield under Maud de Estur of Gatcombe, and was granted to the latter by Walter de Lisle in 1270. Two years later Ralph de Colevile granted to Walter a messuage and land in Westbrook, Appley and Westhay. In 1293 Hugh Thomas held an eighth of a fee at Westbrook of William de Estur. It probably came later to the Howles family, as it was sold in 1583 by Henry Howles to Sir William Oglander, and early in the 19th century Sir William Oglander sold it off to various owners, retaining some of the land, which he added to his Park farm."

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