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All Saints' Church, Ryde

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Overlooking the Solent, this magnificent church ws built by Sir Gilbert Scott in the 1870s. Often thought of as the "cathedral" of the Island it was built with a gothic decorative design and features a strong choral past with a "Father Willis" organ and a ring of eight bells. Traditional faith of the Church of England is celebrated with dignified liturgy.

Drawn from the historic parish of Newchurch, the parish of Ryde, All Saints'  formed in 1967 was the last Victorian Church of English parish for the burgeoning town. As a result the tremendous landmark chruch defined the era.So prominent was its presence overlooking the town and Solent meant the church was used as a navigational aid. Its foundation stone having been laid in 1870, the church was consecrated in 1872 and the tower and spire completed in 1882.

The pulpit rests on stunning marble columns and is made of Derbyshire Alabaster. In 1852 it appeared at The Great Exhibition and won first prize for its class. The magnificent ring of eight bells, cast by John Taylor and Company of Lougborough in 1886, were dedicated by Archdeacon Sumner on Ascension Day - June 23rd - of that year. They are housed in a tower and spire that rises 186 feet into the air.