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    Cook's Castle was "created" around 1774 sat on the top of St. Martin's down,..
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All Saints' C of E Church, Freshwater

REF NR: 167

The church is medieval and is one of the oldest churches on the Isle of Wight, and was listed in the Domesday survey of 1088. All Saints church Freshwater is one of the oldest on the Island and could date back as much as 300 years before that. Extensive alterations were made to the church in the 12th and 13th centuries and the tower dates from the 15th century. With a set of nice bells, the heaviest six on the Island, but the bells are on ball bearings so are quite manageable.

There is a marble memorial commemorating Tennyson in All Saints Church. Tennyson's wife Emily and other family members are buried in the church cemetery. The church is also the site of a memorial to Tennyson's son, Lionel Tennyson, who died of malaria in 1886.