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Norris Castle

REF NR: 695

1. NORRIS was built in imitation of an ancient Norman castle,—massive in its construction, and remarkable for a stern simplicity of character disdaining all minute deco- ration ; but exhibiting a noble general design, with the merit of a very judicious internal arrangement: it stands upon the steep descent of the most northern point of the island, and is a conspicuous object from every part of the Solent Channel, the north-eastern shores of the island, and the opposite coast. .

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2. Early Brannon Print Circa 1850's

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Henry Seymour, who took much pride in it, and evidently received pleasure from the visits of strangers to his domain. As a specimen of the defensive architecture of the age which it affects, it certainly offers fewer incongruities than East Cowes Castle; yet, as a whole, it is infinitely less pleasing to the eye, as well as less elegant than that edifice.

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