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Bembridge Lifeboat

REF NR: 566

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution placed a lifeboat at Bembridge because of Nab Light Vessel's repositioning at a greater distance from the shore. The rescue of the crew of the Norwegian Barque Egbert by Bembridge fisherman in an ordinary open boat also influenced the decision. The troubled vessel, loaded with barley, had run aground on the Bembridge Ledge in a strong easterly gale.


The first Bembridge lifeboat was the "City of Worcester", paid for by the citizens of that city in response to the publicity surrounding a spectacular rescue carried out by local fishermen.




The new lifeboat station is now being built. The photos above reflect some of the extensive building works being undertaken. The old pier HQ can be seen under the new higher walkway, which is now wide enough to get a small vehicle down to carry provisions and kit.