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Gurnard Coastguard Station

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Originally, there was only one coastguard based at Gurnard, in Marsh Cottage at the bottom of Green Hill now known as Solent View Road. The cottage no longer exists, having been completely reconstructed many years ago. The 1862 OS Map confirms the position of the station at the bottom of Solent View Road.


The records confirm that there was only one coastguard at Gurnard in the 1850s and 1860. However, by the time of the 1871 census there were nine coastguards in the village. This remained the same up until 1901. An indenture of conveyance dated 1874 shows that the admiralty purchased a terrace of seven houses, plus the land to the cliff edge and to the foreshore. The boathouse was built there, although it is now demolished.


Source: Coastguards of the Isle of Wight , 1809 - Present Day by Tony Gale


Shown on 1898 map.

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