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    Ryde Airport opened on 27th June 1932 on 823 acres purchased for the purpose..
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History Minor Fortifications and Pillboxes

Worsley Battery

REF NR: 577

The Worsley Battery was constructed in the late 1790s as a protection measure, relating to the worsening situation between Britain and revolutionary France. Its exact position was set on top of a cliff, overlooking Mount Bay. The blocks forming the battery were carved from larger pieces laying locally, creating a stone revetment built along the cliff.


The function of these small forts was to act as platforms for guns of various calibres and thereby protect landing places in a defensive capacity or to attack threatening enemy ships in an offensive capacity. The battery was originally mounted with six cannon guns made from bell metal taken from a French church by some soldiers as a prize.


The Brannon engraving named "South Coast June 1843" (which can be seen in Images or linked to in the Resources tab) shows the battery clearly sitting on the edge of the cliff.

Courtesy of Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions