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Sandham Fort / Castle

REF NR: 2288

With the loss of the original Sandown Castle to the elements, Sir Jon Oglander instigated an interim fort to be built using some of the older castle's remainng stone in 1631. The site chosen was only slightly further up the coast and was built using some fairly new techniques. 



This is one of the first forts in England built with arrow headed bastions with an entrance in the north-west curtain that was covered by an adjacent square keep, leading into an open courtyard.        


In 1781, Worsley’s The History of the Isle of Wight noted that the fort had been in bad condition but had recently “been put into repair at a very considerable expense to the crown”. The normal compliment was a master gunner and thirty soldiers but was recently reduced to twenty-two.


 The 'fort' or 'castle' described seems to have been a flexible feast, depending on the historic literature you are reading.