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Redcliff Battery

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1. Problems from the outset plagued this gun emplacement as the original construction had it erected far too close to a crumbling cliff side. Today, there is nothing left to see of this once fine Yaverland battery position, having been built on the 150ft edge of the cliff it fell prey to the gradual erosion by the sea of its underlying chalk.

Its constructed position in 1861 was set west of the Culver Cliff and around 1000yds east of the Yaverland Battery and had an original armament of four 7-inch R.B.L. guns, the battery from the outset was continuously being plagued with problems of slippage.  The four guns were positioned to face seaward and a magazine was to be found gun number 2, capable of holding 190 barrels of powder.

The entrance to the battery was through a draw bridge on the north side, the cliff on the left flank began to give way in 1867 and feel into the sea in 1868. Certain changes to the guns emplacements were made in 1887 and in 1891 the forts slippage condition was so bad that it was finally decided to abandon the fort.

1. Sources: Palmerstonforts Society

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