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    The greatest disaster to occur in Isle of Wight waters was the loss in 1917 of..
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Fort Warden

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1. This coastal defence barbette battery was completed in 1863, there had been a larger battery originally planned with an eight gun proposal. However varies changes ensued which was to become the normal for all the batteries dotted around the Solent.


  • 4 * 7-inch R.M.L.,s 4 * 9-inch R.M.L.s


  • 8 * 9-inch R.M.L.


  • 4 * 9-inch R.M.L.
  • 1 * 9-inch H.A. experimental  
  • 1 * 9-inch L.R. experimental  


  • 4 * 6-inch B.L. Mk VIII with 3 * 9.2-inch B.L.


  • 2 * 63 pounder QF guns added

The fort was protected on the seaward side by a loopholed wall and canopiers at the southeast and northeast corners. There was also a canopier that was situated on the east wall and protected the entrance flanking the gorge wall.

The site is was sold off in 1957 and became part of a holiday camp, latterly the site is again being redeveloped for housing needs.

1. Sources:  PDF's are reproduced with kind permission of the Palmerstonforts Society

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