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    Th PS Carrier - Boat Train, built by Scott and Co of Greennock in1858 weighing..
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Fort Victoria (Sconce Point Battery)


Six 32pr SB guns on traversing platforms were mounted on each barrack roof and could fire seawards. Additional guns ports were added, but never armed and by 1876 it was agreed by the Defence Committee that the fort’s armaments were no longer required so were decommissioned.

It then became used as a  barracks and was put to good use by the Royal Engineers as a submarine mining depot.  An unusual experimental searchlight was built in 1898/99 , it was of a sea saw construction and the area can still be viewed today to the west of the fort.

The Royal Engineers vacated the fort in early twenties and then had only a small quartemastering roll until it was again used as a barracks for the 72nd Coast Training Regiment RA and other training units prior to D-Day.

Although part of the fort was demolished in the 1960's, today the remaining parts of the fort are put over to a recreational and museum areas, housing maritime, model railway, observatory and country side ranger offices, plus offering a nice cafe and recreational walks for the tourist to enjoy.



Sources: PDF's are reproduced with kind permission of the Palmerstonforts Society