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Culver Battery

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1. It was proposed in 1889 to fit the battery with three 6-inch B.L. guns on H.P. mountings and to be supported by two Q.F. guns. However, further on in 1889 this was changed and then it was proposed that the  Q.F. guns to be replaced with 4.7-inch guns. Finally in 1904-6 the actual construction took place and two 9.2-inc B.L. Mark XC guns on barbette V mountings were installed.

The main ammunition store for the guns was not kept that close but rather back at Bembridge Fort around half a mile away, although there was a small local magazine set between the two guns.  The command post for the battery was again back up the road in Port War Signal Station around about 150 Mts. away.

During 1922/4 The Mark V mounts of the guns were updated to Mark VI mounts thus allowing the guns to be elevated to 30 degrees, this meant the range of the guns were increased and greater coverage was possible.  Three 6-inch B.L. mark VII  were fitted on 45 degree mounts to test further range elements  this happened in 1934, then in 1939 the battery listed as ready to engage, two 9.2-inch B.L. guns covering Sandown Bay around to Nodes point assisting with covering the Spithead approaches with a possible range of 17,000yds.

In 1942 A CD/CHL radar station was constructed east of the battery on the cliff edge then in 1947 two 6-inch B.L. Mark 24 high angle guns mounted in turrets  were built in front of the 9,2-inch B.L.s to allow for practice shoots as they tested the new radar systems on the roof of the Post War Signal Station .
1956 saw the site being completely disbanded and all armaments removed and the site sold into public lands. Today there is a very nice observation point with car parking, much of the administration and support buildings have gone , but the emplacements can clearly be seen and the views they covered very breathtaking.

Sources:  Palmerstonforts Society


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