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    Yarmouth Castle was actually completed after the Death of is visionary creator..
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Carisbrooke Castle

REF NR: 2005

Carisbrooke Castle is probably one of the most popular places on the Isle of Wight. Due to its history, architecture and stirring events - the castle is undoubtedly worthy of a visit.


Towering above the local landscape, the building's full ramparts add a permanent defensive view with sizeable works and structures giving you a vivid picture of the past architecture and way of living. You will be amazed by the long steep steps and high fortifications of the imposing central fortress keep. The panorama which opens up in front of you holds you in a firm grip with its scope and beauty.



Carisbrooke Castle is a version of the French Motte and Bailey castle, and was built in the early 12th century AD by Richard de Redvers. This was after William Duke of Normandy, also known as William I and William the Conqueror, invaded Hastings in 1066. The castle is situated on top of Carisbrooke because it is in the centre of the island, so it's in a good lookout and transportation position. This means the workers didn't have to travel far to get to different places on the island. Also, the island is a good interception point to keep watch over items being shipped over to Portsmouth from France. One of its most famous prisoners is Charles I, who was imprisoned in the months leading up to his death.


Its usage ran out in 1944, and it's now a beloved tourist attraction.