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Bembridge Fort (Culver)

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The fort was positioned on the high ground at of Culver down Between Sandown and Bembridge, it was designed to be as a last defence position if the Island had every been invaded. Many alterations to the fort over the years have taken place please see the attached PDF as supplied by The Palmerstone Forts Society for specific details.

Initially garrisoned 100 men servicing 7" RML guns. Built at a cost £48,925 in May 1862, it was commissioned and constructed as part of the 1860 Royal Commissions plan for defending the South Coast ports of Portsmouth and Southampton.

The fort fell in to abandonment from 1945 to 65 and was unfortunately heavily vandalised, finally the IW County Council purchased the building in 1965 and subsequently sold it on to the National Trust who own it today, the interior was converted and modified and is now rented out as offices and stores to the local company Micronair.

Sources:  Palmerston Forts Society PDF's are reproduced with kind permission of the Palmerstonforts Society

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