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The Town Of West Cowes

REF NR: 1878

The Print: The Town Of West Cowes (c1857)


Overal Image Information

The scene depicts a foreshore illustration having been drawn from a seaward aspect around 100mts offshore from the Royal Yacht Squadron, which can be seen on the right of the image situated in the older 'West Cow' Fort as built by Henry VIII. The defensive castellations complete with canon interspersed, can be clearly seen.


Royal Yacht Squadron (West Cow Fort)


The parade depicted still has several recognisable buildings which can be identified if you look closely at today's parade. To the far left on the east bank of the River Medina, we can see what is most probably East Cowes Castle built by the famous architect John Nash.


East Cowes Castle


As you work up the back of the hill on the West Cowes side, you can see the two windmills. The one at the top is that of Mill Hill Road c1700; the one that looks like the base of a windmill is known as the 'Kelleway' windmill. It had a very short milling life and somewhat of a chequred history. To discover more of this interesting saga you will need to read Rob Martin's report of Alan Stroud's very interesting research, which can be found on the resources tab.


The large house on top of the hill to the far right is Northwood House and the large tower to the left is that of St Mary's Church of England in Church Road.