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Crashed at Bridgecourt farm 12.8.40, The aircraft was being piloted..
This bomber having come from 3/KG106 flown from Chateaudum, during a..
This Junkers was one of a pair of reconnaissance aircraft from..
On 18th August a Messerschmitt Bf109 being piloted by Lt. Julius..
After a sortie over the Dorset coast the aircraft on returning home..
The Pilot F/W Gerhardt Ebus bailed out of his doomed 109 aircraft..
Around 3pm on the18th August 1940 a Messerschmitt Bf109 flown by..
Forced landing made at Bathingbourne Farm, Godshill IOW pilot..
27th May 1942 a German BF109 whilst on anti shipping patrol over the..
On the 16th August a group of three ME109's were on a photo..
Having suffered severe anti aircraft fire whilst on bomber escort..
This Messerschmitt from 7/ZG26 Group crashed on the 26th September..
A Messerschmitt pilot (Born August 27th 1919) Uffz Max Guschewski..