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  • Bembridge Airport
    Bembridge Airport opened in 1920 on land owned by Bembridge Farm and in 1921..
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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - Spitfire Mk 1 - X4016

REF NR: 1918

Air attacks across the island led to several dogfights and kills on the 16th August 1940. This specific Spitfire had been battling with a Messerschmitt Bf109 when disaster struck.


Flying Officer H.P.Connor from 234 Squadron had no choice but to bail out of his shot up aircraft, which at the time was over the Channel but flying towards the island.


Connor drifted down into the sea off Bonchurch where he was picked up by an Air Sea Rescue launch, luckily with no serious injuries.  The aircraft however, flew on and eventually crashed in flames north of the Heights on the Whitwell Road just leaving Ventnor.

Note: All images are merely representative of the aircraft and not specific.