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Moment in time
  • RMS Mendi
    The greatest disaster to occur in Isle of Wight waters was the loss in 1917 of..
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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - P51 Mustang -10's

REF NR: 1958

Appalling weather conditions on the 6th February 1945 caught out two Mustang pilots who crashed within very close proximity of each other. The visibility being down to less than 700yds and a ceiling of only 700ft, proved to be a fatal combination for both aircraft and their pilots.


2nd Lt. Gerald W. Palmer flying 44-14383 and Capt. Robert W Bloxham flying 44-13379 both misjudged the ground sea distances and foundered on Puckpool beach, "Umbriago" flown by Palmer went in at around 2.35pm, Bloxham's aircraft "Miss Idaho"  was not found until a week later.

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