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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - Hurricane P3164

REF NR: 1913

Squadron Leader J. Peel, became one of the highest ranking pilots to crash land on the island during World War II in his Hurricane from 145 Squadron.The Hurricane sustained critical damage after assisting with the interception of one of the then biggest bomber raids of the war, heading for Weymouth and Portland. It consisted of 56 Junkers Ju88s, 25 Heinkel He111s and their escorts comprising of  65 ME BF110s and 30 Me 109s.


Peel managed to nurse his battered aircraft to a controlled crash landing just yards from Mottistone Manor, he was lucky to sustain only minor personal injuries and was taken for a rather customary stiff drink by Lord Mottistone.

Note: All images are merely representative of the aircraft and not specific.