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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - Hurricane BD940

REF NR: 1931

While on patrol from No. 1 Squadron at Tangmere, two Hurricanes passing very low over the Solent in a south-westerly direction, flew into Ryde. As a result of the altitude error, a fairly high set of trees came into view and the lead aircraft, being BD940 piloted by Flt. Sgt. L.J Travis, suddenly had to pull up. The sad outcome of this was that wingman Flt. Sgt. D F Perrin, following Z3899, suddenly came too close and his propeller sliced into the tailplane of BD940.


This resulted in the led Hurricane spinning into the ground, very near the end of Play Street Lane in the grounds of a house called St. Wilfreds. Flt. Sgt. Travis had no time to get out and died in the crash. Flt. Sgt. Perrin faired better, having managed to gain some height and successfully bail out the aircraft. It continued on a little further and crashed into Dame Anthony's Common half way to Havenstreet.  


See also ID 1931 for crash area information.


Note: All images are merely representative of the aircraft and not specific.