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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - Blenheim Mk 1F L6686

REF NR: 1929

While flying back from a patrol, the Bristol Blenheim from 23 Squadron based in Ford, West Sussex, ran out of fuel over the Channel. It began to head towards the island when Flt. Sgt. Loveridge gave the order to bail out.  The two airmen Flt. Sgts. Newman and Southall both jumped into the sea off Ventnor but unfortunately drowned in the rough swell. Loveridge on the other hand had better luck, bailing moments later and landing on the island at Ventnor. The aircraft flew on and eventually crashed into Brading Down. The fighter variant of the Blenheim I became the Blenheim IF. It had fitted an additional 4 machineguns under the hull which replaced the normal bomb bay position. It was also only manned by two crew members, rather than the Mk 1 which required three.



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