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Arreton Church 1859

REF NR: 1661

The church is a structure of great antiquity, receiving a character of heaviness from the ponderous embattled tower at its west end. There is a dial over the door, which leads from the south side to the body of the church. This dial is very touchingly alluded to by Legh Richmond in his account of the funeral of Elizabeth, stating, "As I travelled onward ... the first sound of a tolling bell struck my ear. It proceeded from a village church in the valley, directly beneath the ridge of a high hill over which I had taken my way. It was Elizabeth's funeral knell! The scenery was in unison with that tranquil frame of mind which is most suitable for holy meditation ...  We at length arrived at the church. Looking upwards as I drew near the porch, I observed a dial on the wall. The sun's declining rays directed the shadow to the evening hour. As I passed underneath this simple but solemn monitor, I was reminded of the lapse of time, the uncertainty of life and the sure approach of eternity. The interior contains a beautiful monumental erection to the memory of the late Sir L. W. Holmes, Bart.

The tombstone of "The Dairyman's Daughter" Elizabeth Wallbridge, stands on the north side of the cemetery, bearing an inscription which, although perhaps rather long, is thoroughly imbued with deep Christian feeling and fitted to produce a salutary impression on the reader.

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