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Arch Rock Freshwater 1844

REF NR: 1660

The part of the island which contains Freshwater, the Needles and Alum Bay, is almost separated from the rest by the river Yar, which rises behind the rock called Freshwater Gate and runs into the sea at Yarmouth. It thus only requires a few yards to cross entirely over the island.


The geological construction of this part of the Isle of Wight renders it peculiarly liable to change. Most of the rocks are composed of chalk and flint, the softer parts of the chalk are frequently washed away by the sea, or heavy rain, leaving the flints and the harder part of the chalk remaining. In this manner the curious isolated rocks at the Needles, and at Freshwater Gate have been formed, and the numerous caverns and chines scooped out. In this way, numerous other changes will take place, for as long as the island continues to exist.

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