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Alum Bay from the cliff top viewing out to The Needles
The part of the island which contains Freshwater, the Needles, and..
The arched rock looking to the sunset
The church is a structure of great antiquity, receiving a character..
Beyond Niton, we come to the Black Gang Chine, a grim abyss, over..
When dinner was over, Mrs. Merton having seen her husband..
Blackgang Chine from the sea
To the eastward, and immediately adjoining Ventnor, which has grown..
Bonchurch Church and graveyard
The Pond is a beautifully transparent sheet of water here, with a..
Bonchurch pond from the western end.
The Church is called the oldest in the island— at least, is..
Brading church with the Town Hall and Stocks
As soon as Mrs. Merton and Agnes re-entered the carriage, they..
The venerable Castle of Carisbrooke has been long no more than a..
Carisbrooke Castle is but a short mile from Newport, on the edge of..
Carisbrooke Castle from outside the gate
The man whose office it was to show the castle CARISBROOK GATE-now..