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Alum Bay (Historic)

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1. The pier was 370 ft long, and was "paddle shaped" so that the pier head was twice as wide as the promenade leading to it. On the pier was a cafe, gift shop and a small restaurant, where a glass of water cost 1d. The pier was often very busy, no more so than on the 23rd July 1909, when the 9,060 ton German liner Derfflinger ran into the Shingle Bank off the Needles, and two and a half miles from Alum Bay. She was trapped for two days before the tugs nearby were able to pull her free, all of which was witnessed by people on the pier.

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2. The pier images are reproduced by kind permission of Simplonpc

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3. It was damaged by a storm in 1927, but the remnants were visible well into the 1960's.

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