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History Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight

Beauchamp Manor

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"BEAUCHAMP (Bewchamp, xvi cent.), which in 1669 contained 233 acres, is a farm-holding forming part of the manor of Niton, and represents the quarter fee held at the end of the 13th century by William son of Walter de Lisle. This estate had passed into the king's hands before 1299–1300, whether through William's forfeiture or on account of failure of heirs does not appear. From a lawsuit of 1414–15 it appears that the estate was given by John de Kingsbury to Hugh de Beauchamp and his wife Aundrina, and Hugh was in possession in 1316. In 1346 this quarter fee was held by Idonea Beauchamp, who was probably the widow of John son of Hugh de Beauchamp. William Beauchamp, son and successor of John, sued Robert Smith and six others for this estate in 1414–15, and died seised of it in 1419, leaving a granddaughter Joan, daughter of his son John. She was probably the Joan Malday who was holding in Chale in 1431, but John Beauchamp of Devon was holding Beauchamps Court at that date. The manor then passed with Chale to the Buller family. John Buller sold Chale in 1556, and he may have parted with Beauchamps Court at about the same time, for John Meux of Kingston died seised of the 'manor of Bewchamp' in 1568. It then passed with Kingston to Sir Edward Worsley of Gatcombe, on whose death in 1762 the manors of Beauchamp and Caines Court, then held together, were divided and sold to different purchasers. The former belonged in 1859 to George Kirkpatrick, and is now the property of Rev. G. A. Willis."

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