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Carisbrooke Leper Hospital

REF NR: 1828

The Carisbrooke Leper Hospital was founded by St Mary's Priory, most likely in the 14th century. The exact location is unknown but it is thought to be located in the general area marked on the 1866 map. Leprosy was a fairly common disease of the Middle Ages and hospitals for such people afflicted by this were established in England at the end of the 12th century. The site where it is thought to have been is now the playing fields of Carisbrooke High School.


The first hospital on the Isle of Wight was the Leper Hospital at Gunville in the 13th century, which was maintained by St. Augustine’s Priory at Carisbrooke and treated by the monks. Isabella de Fortibus made a regular allowance of one silver mark a year for the hospital.